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These are the wild horses, the mustangs of northwestern Nevada in the Virginia Range. They are the horses that Wild Horse Annie worked for over 20 years to save and through her efforts the word was spread and the 1971 Wild Horse & Burro Act was a result. Sadly, the Virginia Range wild ones are no longer protected by federal law.

buckskinstallion_small.jpg abattle_small.jpg asoothingroll_small.jpg springtimedelight_small.jpg
rollin_small.jpg princeboo_small.jpg goodgrass_small.jpg diamond_small.jpg
thewaterhole_small.jpg strangeband_small.jpg brady_small.jpg buckskinfilly_small.jpg
goliathfoal_small.jpg sorrelfoal_small.jpg thelookout_small.jpg buckskinmarefoal_small.jpg
goliathsband_small.jpg fricklescc_small.jpg snaking_small.jpg bart_small.jpg
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